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Jorge Mendoza graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. Jorge then began working in the Aerospace Industry for eight years. First at Rockwell International on the B1 Bomber in El Paso, Texas, then at Naval Air Station Alameda in California. Jorge gained extensive experience in producing accurate 3-D computer models for engineering analysis (Finite Element  Analysis), production (manufacture) and animation (presentations).  It was at Naval Air Station Alameda that Jorge began his career in forensic analysis and animation when in 1992 an A6 Intruder crashed into the San Francisco Bay killing both pilot and co-pilot. Jorge then founded Litigation Animation, Inc in 1993.
As of March 3, 2019  Litigation Animation, Inc. has produced well over 2000 forensic exhibits for mediation and trial. Litigation Animation, Inc. handles both civil and criminal cases. These cases vary widely from surveillance video (biomechanical movement, vehicle trajectory, skid marks ), laser scanning (accident scene, machines, vehicles), shootings (bullet trajectory analysis and human positions), robberies, vehicular, aircraft, boating  accidents analysis and day/night visibility analysis.
When Jorge first started Litigation Animation, Inc. there were zero surveillance video cases, today roughly 50 % of his work involves surveillance and photogrammetric analysis. Photogrammetry has been dated back to the mid-nineteenth century and simply means to make 3-D measurements from 2-D images. Jorge's ability to accurately make measurements from surveillance video and track human movement in unsurpassed.  Litigation Animation Inc, is a technology based company assisting clients  developing case strategy using the latest tools to put forward compelling and defendable analysis and visuals for mediation and trial. Litigation Animation uses laser scanners, aerial drones, underwater drones, 3-D and 2-D visualization software. The scientific procedures Jorge uses in his photogrammetric work can be found in  “Reverse Projection Photogrammetry” (SAE Technical Paper Series 1999-01-0093 “Using Computer Reverse Projection Photogrammetry to Analyze an Animation”).
              Jorge Mendoza is a currently Vice President of the Society of Forensic Engineers and Scientist and a licensed Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)drone pilot. Litigation Animation, Inc. also provides aerial and ground based laser scanning services. Jorge has taught computer animation at local community colleges and today continues teaching forensic animation privately.

Aerial View Motorcycle Accident
Section View Construction Defect
Skiff View Boat Collision
Oblique View Skateboarder Accident Quantification